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P005 - B.N.M. / P.D.D.G. - s/t - SIDE B (MEDLEY) - Vinyl 12" / Digital OUT NOW!

B1 - DJ FIRMEZA - Dedicado Ao Projecto Príncipe (CLIP)
B2 - DJ FIRMEZA - Remeche As Coisas (CLIP)
B3 - DJ MABOKU - Instrumental Pe (CLIP)
B4 - DJ MABOKU, DJ LILOCOX, DJ FIRMEZA - O Vento Uma Verdadeira Amizade (CLIP)

“Maboku’s pointillist “Instrumental Pe” daubs flute synths over drums that land like fat, scattered raindrops. Mabuku, Lilocox, and Firmeza’s “O Vento de Uma Verdadera Amizade” is the record’s most outwardly emotional song, with lilting accordion melodies played against lithe synth fillips and tinny brass stabs — it brings to mind Doctor Rockit’s “Café de Flore” as reimagined by DJ Mujava — but Firmeza’s solo tracks are entirely different. “Dedicado ao Projecto Príncipe” pairs jubilant shouts and yelps with wildly syncopated and pitch-shifted toms, and the shuffling “Remeche as Coisas” is a slow-motion swirl of hand drums and hiccups in 6/8 time.”
(Philip Sherburne in Control Voltage for SPIN)

“DJ Maboku’s “Instrumental P” has grime-style sounds—MIDI strings and flutes—cast in a tropical new light. But you won’t get much further with comparisons here. Try to find something else that sounds like DJ Firmeza’s “Dedicado Projecto Príncipe,” with its fathoms-deep bassline and delirious vocal gasps. Even more impressive is how he follows it with a track that’s all prettied-up with chimes, an elegiac counterpart to its wild predecessor.”
(Andrew Ryce for RESIDENT ADVISOR)