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The Trp – pronounced The Trip 

Daniel Lanois - “Opera”

Four Tet mines a rich vein of Atoms For Peace and then refines it into a 24 Karat Masterpiece  

K = 24\,\frac{M_\text{g}}{M_\text{m}}


T-Model Ford Live at WFMU on Fat Possum Blues Caravan, 2004

01I Love My Babe 
02 Chicken Head Man 
03 Wish I Was a Catfish

Mixed for Rag and Bone runway show.

Via: Chief Boima

Almost everywhere I played, I dropped an extended set of songs in a 6/8 time signature, which was either met by enthusiastic cheers to a new rhythm in the club, or dancing bewilderment by crowds probably used to moving in 4/4. So in part to highlight some of the exciting developments in dance music led mostly by producers of the Lusophone World, and also to allow people to practice their moves at home, I present to you my new mix-tp3 – Six Over Eight:

So why did I do this mix, and why has this time signature become a central part of my sets? Well, 6/8 and 12/8 are often associated with Africa, even to the point of become a central motif in many stereotypical depictions of the continent as a whole. However, beyond the superficial engagements with what is probably the world’s most (or 2nd most?) culturally diverse continent, this rhythm does seem to be a universallyAfricanthing. Traveling from Algeria to Zimbabwe and everywhere in between you can come across it.

All original music created by Trent Reznor and Atticus Ross.

ReMix, Sound Design and Production by Tess Tyler

Sparklehorse - Gold Day


Sparklehorse - Gold Day

Tragic Beauty

Tycho sunrise DJ set on the Disco Space Shuttle at Burning Man on Friday, August 29th, 2014. 

Thom Yorke plays The Clock, live on Later with Jools Holland


My Spanish Heart   recorded by Chick Corea   in 1976.

Blood On The Leaves — Kanye West

  • Don Cherry, trumpet & vocals
  • Lester Bowie, trumpet
  • Marshall Allen, alto sax & percussion
  • John Gilmore, tenor sax & flute
  • Archie Shepp, tenor sax & vocals
  • Sun Ra, keyboard
  • Richard Davis, bass
  • Clifford Jarvis, drums
  • Philly Joe Jones, drums
  • Famoudou Don Moye, percussion 

Little George Sueref And The Blue Stars Featuring  Jimmy Thomas 



sultry slithering electrocuted pop  

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