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Jean-Pierre Rey: Girl Waving Flag During General Strike, Paris, May 1968

LIFE‘s May 24, 1968 coverage of the Paris uprisings:

The street battle of Paris began with student demonstrations and swiftly escalated into savage warfare. Rock-throwing bands charged up the boulevards. Police, led by the elite and detested Compagnies Républicained de Sécurité, and Gardes Mobiles, charged over cobblestone barricades the student built and attacked without restraint or discrimination. Men and women, rioters and bystanders alike, felt the truncheon and choled on toxic gas. Streets already strewn with rubble and burning automobiles were further clogged by a general strike as workers and leftists rallied in support of the students (above). Finally the government ordered the police to pull back and the students–at a cost of 10 dead and 1,500 injured–appeared to have carried the day.

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This is Commandant Narsha (aka Bernadine Doh Rn) of Brown Eyed Girls with Communiqué #7 to revolutionaries, situationists, communists, anarchists and any individual living in the U.S. that gives a fuck.  Before I begin my rant I would like to relate to you a story from the Carlos Revolutionary Youth Group.  While on tumblr for a brief time they observed that as they scrolled through the endless posts on the dashboard, they began to feel as though they were working on an assembly line; the members of CRYG felt something like “bottle inspectors” inspecting each bottle (image) that passed by their view.  They grew tired of this monotony and moved on to more fulfilling activities.  In light of that I thought it would be good from now on to refer to tumblr users as bottle inspectors.  Anyhow now to the matter at hand.  The above poster, sans myself, was found on Adbusters’ site and contains a brilliant strategy - Occupy Wall Street.  However the demand that the poster refers to is the most timid “demand” we could possibly imagine; “we demand that Barack Obama ordain a Presidential Commission tasked with ending the influence money has over our representatives in Washington.” A meaningless demand of a Presidential Commission!  We can only laugh at the lack of courage of this “one demand.”  Obviously it is the stolid utopian demand of magazine editors.  However the notion of occupying Wall Street is a notion whose time has come.  At a time when capital and the reactionary Right wage war on labor, women, immigrants, the commons and any progressive political tendency, we need to strike at the heart of the beast. (Or should I say bull?)  What better way to show solidarity with our Greek, Italian, British and Middle Eastern comrades than to not only occupy Wall Street but to take control of it.  The first series of acts would be to declare the Wall Street Commune and the nationalization of all of Wall Street and the establishment of Wall Street Worker’s Councils.  It is time to destroy this financial leech that feeds off the blood of workers.  At the moment Wall Street crumbles and workers take control the financial parasites will flee and capital will begin to shut down.  The retaliation will be immense so you might want to bring more than a tent.  But the struggle will be worth it.  And amid the struggles the Commune will be a festival; a space where hundreds of thousands of workers will share ideas, laughter and support and invent new ways of co-existing.  From the ashes and rubble of Wall Street, a new world can be seen where workers are the subject of history and not merely its representation.  Our comrades wait for us to shut down the global, financial machine.  Long live the Paris Commune!  Anyone who speaks of Presidential Commissions while occupying Wall Street has a corpse in their mouth.  Long Live Bbiribbom! Be realistic and demand what was once thought to be impossible and is now within our reach!


London. March 26. [Photo: REUTERS]

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Police braced for high numbers in London with 800 coaches and at least 10 trains chartered from around the country

More than a quarter of a million protesters against public sector cuts are expected to flood central London today in the biggest political demonstration for nearly a decade.

Police sources, normally cautious about estimating numbers, said last night they were braced for up to 300,000 people to join the march – far higher than previous forecasts from TUC organisers.

More than 800 coaches and at least 10 trains have been chartered to bring people to the capital from as far afield as Cornwall and Inverness.

The Metropolitan police, under fire for their use of kettling in previous protests, said “a small but significant minority” plan to hijack the march to stage violent attacks. Organisers, however, insist it will be a peaceful family event. Union members are expected be joined by a broad coalition, from pensioners to doctors, families and first-time protesters to football supporters and anarchists








This photo is taken from where I used to smoke when I worked at the Indiana Senate. There were over 20,000 protesters yesterday and it is getting absolutely no national attention. It’s bigger than any teaparty protest ever was.

If you don’t know, Mitch Daniels (who is likely running for President) has been trying to pull the same shit that Walker is doing in Wisconsin. Except no one gives a shit about us. Our senators left for Chicago too.

oh shit 

Shit’s getting real in the Midwest. 

From what I understand, thankfully shit is quiet in St. Paul. 

Another theory for why Indiana is getting less nationwide coverage: private sector unions are getting attacked here too, which doesn’t dovetail with the Republican’s current  bullshit message of “teachers are the real fat cats.”

Keep Indiana Normal: protest the hell out of this bullshit.

Hotttttttttttttttttt. Bring the revolution, Indiana. 



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Monday, March 7: Here’s a map of cities in Libya that have so far played a major role in the country’s uprising.


Refugee camp at the Tunisia-Libyan border  (Emilio Morenatti/AP)

Profound crisis rendered in to art. This is a beautiful photograph of a human catastrophe.

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Watch Michael Moore deliver a speech to the protesters in Madison Wisconsin, 30 minutes of straight talk about the courage and strength of these working people who are facing down the attack on the American Middle Class. VIDEO


Wael Ghonim is the Google executive who helped jumpstart Egypt’s democratic revolution … with a Facebook page memorializing a victim of the regime’s violence. Speaking at TEDxCairo, he tells the inside story of the past two months, when everyday Egyptians showed that “the power of the people is stronger than the people in power.”

Watch the video here.

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Tweet from :

Shady Mokhtar

@ShadyMokh Egypt

Simply a proud Egyptian

Activists removing shit from the bowels of the Egyptian Secret Police (the horrid people who often did the bidding of Rumsfeld, Cheney and other architects of terror).

A blow against authoritarianism by the people of Egypt! Follow the tag #amndawla

Via: Egyptian Chronicles

During the Mubarak era the state security HQ in Nasr city had this infamous reputation not only inside the country but also outside it. Its international infamousness was recognized when it turned out that the Bush administration used its secret cells and also the expertise of its infamous officers to interrogate its illegal detainees during its unholy war on terrorism.

The Egyptians called that big building in Nasr city district “The capital of hell” and you can imagine why Egyptians called it like that. A scary building any taxi driver will tell you horror stories about it and about the secret underground prison cells and torture rooms. Tonight Egyptian protesters managed not to only to encircle the fearful building by thousands but they have also entered it for the first time not as detainees blindfolded but actually as victorious revolutionaries who had enough from that castle of terrorists.

… more


Amazing events today in Nasar City Egypt:

Videos Here Via Egyptocracy

State Security Protest in Nasr City 5.Mar.2011 @5.32pm From: egyptocracy | Mar 5, 2011 | 140 views It all started with a couple hundred people protesting in front of State Security headquarters in Nasr City, calling for SS to be dissolved.

SS = State Security Intelligence the tool of OMAR SULEIMAN

Activist stormed the security facility in Nasar City today and found rooms and hall ways full of shredded documents, torture device and tons of secret records waiting to be destroyed by the security service.

This is an incredible day for the January 25 Movement, strike one against repression, torture and intimidation.

Question: Where will all this lead?

Those with hope see opportunity for people to gain personal freedom and independence, others see the beginning of a World War.

What do you see?

From WSJ March 5th 2011


WASHINGTON—After weeks of internal debate on how to respond to uprisings in the Arab world, the Obama administration is settling on a Middle East strategy: help keep longtime allies who are willing to reform in power, even if that means the full democratic demands of their newly emboldened citizens might have to wait.

Instead of pushing for immediate regime change—as it did to varying degrees in Egypt and now Libya—the U.S. is urging protesters from Bahrain to Morocco to work with existing rulers toward what some officials and diplomats are now calling “regime alteration.”

The approach has emerged amid furious lobbying of the administration by Arab governments, who were alarmed that President Barack Obama had abandoned Egyptian President Hosni Mubarak and worried that, if the U.S. did the same to the beleaguered king of Bahrain, a chain of revolts could sweep them from power, too, and further upend the region’s stability.

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As for politics, ‘the author’s portrayal of the parties of the period lacks moderation.’ This is a key phrase; it always signals a defender of the status quo in society as well as in the realm of thought. Moderation may be a virtue in action, because the consequences of action are irreversible and can rarely be modified, but when we read, what we require from an author is that he should make his point, sharply and clearly; we can modify it ourselves if need be. But Sainte-Beuve wants moderation in thinking: he doesn’t want an author to write vigorously about important matters that touch everyone. He wants everything said with so many qualifications that when he closes the book he will find his brain in exactly the same state as when he started reading. He doesn’t want his mind tampered with while relaxing with a book, and he wants you to be left similarly undisturbed: at most you may acquire new ideas about unimportant subjects which do not reflect on how things are arranged in the world. In short, he doesn’t want you to think at all.

Great realistic fiction is liberating because it portrays individuals in the light of their abilities and actions and ranks them according to their intrinsic worth rather than their position in society. In this sense all true fiction is subversive.

Stephen Vizinczey, Truth and Lies in Literature: Essays and Reviews (1986), University of Chicago Press, 1988, pp. 294-295. From the section of the title essay dealing with a 1984 reedition of Proust’s By Way of Sainte-Beuve (Contre Sainte-Beuve). Vizinczey is discussing here Sainte-Beuve’s cowardly appraisal of Stendhal’s The Red and the Black. (via msodradek)

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