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The Rise of the Flashpublics


Yet, the cultural significance of this could be far greater than the immediate range of its intended ambitions. I don’t just mean this in the sense that this raises highly suggestive questions about the conditioning, the socialization, the immersion in mass/social media that makes people susceptible to this sort of offensive. (And in propaganda terms, it is a straightforward psychological assault which, like the latest US assault rifle being deployed in Afghanistan, combines sophistication at a technological level with crudity in its somatic effects.) Rather, the formulation repeatedly used in the promo video - “this is an experiment” - raises the possibility that the techniques here deployed will, insofar as they are successful, find their way into the repertoire of the Pentagon’s propaganda department.

Richard Seymour, “Stop #stopkony” (via andrewfm)

(via jhnbrssndn)

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