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…journalism needs to help people be effective and engaged civic actors, and if it doesn’t, it shouldn’t expect to survive financially or in terms of influence.

Ethan Zuckerman (via thesmithian)

Columbia Journalism Review — May / June 2012

How a filmmaker accidentally gave up his sources to Syrian spooks

By Matthieu Aikins

This is Serious Business


Occupy Wall Street is now accepting Kickstarter donations to offset the costs of publishing their newspaper, the Occupy Wall Street Journal.

I stand in solidarity


The idea of “humanitarian intervention” which is behind the decision to attack in Libya is one of the central beliefs of our age.

It divides people. Some see it as a noble, disinterested use of Western power. Others see it as a smokescreen for a latter-day liberal imperialism.

I want to tell the story of how this idea originated and how it has grown up to possess the minds of a generation of liberal men and women in Europe and America.

It is the story of a generation who became disenchanted with traditional power politics. They thought they could leap over the old corrupt structures of power and connect directly with the innocent victims of war around the world.

—Adam Curtis

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Julian Assange gave his first cable news interview since his release from jail to MSNBC’s Cenk Uygur on Wednesday, and he had harsh words for both politicians and the media — especially Fox News.

Dan Gillmor, Saturday 3 October 2009 

Journalists need to stop being so lazy and unimaginative. Here are 22 ideas for changing the way news is produced

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