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Zalazak sunca


FISH IN OIL - Zalazak sunca (Sunset)
Alb. “Poluostrvo” (Peninsula) / 2012.


Dušan Petrović - saxophone, flute; Bratislav Radovanović - guitar; Branislav Radojković - double bass; Aleksandar Radojičić Šojka - percussion; Tom Feđa Franklin - drums

Thanks to de-salva

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Don Cherry (piano) and Ed Blackwell (drums), from  Mu (First and Second Parts) recorded   August 22, 1969.

Don Cherry is well know as a spiritual jazz trumpeter  here he plays piano that goes from etherical to rackus and back again.

Giants of Jazz: Thelonious Monk and John Coltrane



Listen to this week’s show!

For this special American Routes program, we follow the lives of two giants of jazz: Thelonious Monk and John Coltrane. From their humble North Carolina beginnings to their triumphs on the world stage, we’ll trace their individual and inspired paths to creativity. And we’ll visit with the musicians who played with the greats, including McCoy Tyner and Pharoah Sanders, and the next generation, TS Monk and Ravi Coltrane.

I am listening to this now and I have to tell you, this is as good as it gets for an in depth look at Monk and Coltrane, if you have any interest in jazz listen to this wonderful show.


Alice Coltrane & Joe Henderson - Earth

Thirteen minutes of earthy transcendental jazz, from the album Elements recorded in 1973 

  • Joe Henderson  : tenor saxophone, alto flute, flute, piano 
  • Alice Coltrane  : harp, piano, organ, tamboura, harmonium
  • Ndugu Leon Chancler  : drums
  • Charlie Hayden : bass
  • Michael White : violin
  • Kenneth Nash : wood flute, congas, North African sakara drum, Chinese bells, Indian bells, gongs, percussion, written and spoken narration
  • Baba Daru Oshun : tabla, percussion

Alice Coltrane - Ohnedaruth. A Monastic Trio, January 29, 1968. Pharoah Sanders (bc); Alice Coltrane (p); Jimmy Garrison (b); Ben Riley (d).

Intense, beautiful, late 60’s, free jazz .