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Via: Guardian UK Exclusive

world wide web inventor says personal data held online could be used to usher in new era of personalised services

Berners-Lee has in the past warned that the rise of social-networking “silos” such as Facebook, and “closed world” apps such as those released by Apple, which cannot be indexed by web search engines, threaten the openness and universality that the architects of the internet saw as central to its design.

He said he was still worried about the effect of hugely dominant or monopolistic companies but believed that the greater ability of small companies to innovate meant it was unlikely that the current web giants would maintain their dominance indefinitely.

Read this article which includes numerous audio clips of Mr. Berners-Lee.


“This is what Facebook sends to the police when they (or rather, a judge) asks nicely enough”

Here’s How Facebook Gives You Up To The Police


Apparently Anonymous will be mounting an attack on Facebook on November 5th.

Message from Anonymous: Operation Facebook, Nov 5 2011 (by FacebookOp)

Not offering to US citizens avoids scrutiny of SEC and possible investigations into U.S. illegalities.

Via: apophenia aka Danah Boyd

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