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Tarantino’s “Django: Unchained”

Hollywood’s Nigger Joke


Cecil Brown, screenwriter and writer, is a visiting scholar in the English Department at U C Berkeley. is the author of I, Stagolee: a Novel, Stagolee Shot Billy and The Life and Loves of Mr. Jiveass Nigger. Brown directed the film “The Two-Fer” (produced by Ishmael Reed).

I have not seen the movie yet, it and Zero Dark Thirty are my list, to see next. I expect both will thrill and annoy me, that’s a comment on the state of entertainment today. We pay to see offensive material that we find fascinating and horrifying at the same time. Cecil Brown’s review is thought provoking and maybe a necessary tonic.

Steven Shaviro makes a strong case for Hurt Lockerr and Kathryn Bigelow. It is easy to condemn Hurt Locker for being pro Iraq War ( I didn’t see it that way) but there is another side to consider.

If you are interested in a substantial defense of the director and the film check out Shaviro’s piece


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