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Spent a beautiful day in the country today..

photo by tsparks

STEREOLAB - Get Carter


Stereolab Get Carter

Two of my favourite things. Stereolab and Roy Budd’s great score.

“There’s a frightening amount of it,” she said. “It appears that these stories have to do with earthquake-, tsunami- and landslide-like events. As you go around the region, there are very many of these stories and they are central to the native cultures, which suggests that these past earthquakes had profound effects on the local inhabitants. There’s evidence for that in the geology as well, both on the coast and in the central Puget Sound area.”

Native peoples described and commemorated geologic events in their oral traditions by using descriptive metaphors based on their cultural concepts, often ascribing earth shak- ing to actions of supernatural beings. In this paper we discuss stories about  a’yahos , a supernatural spirit power that natives associated with five locales along the trace of the Seattle Fault. Three of these locales are associated with landslides, and another has a description of offset consistent with the move-ment of the Seattle Fault. 


Education as soul making. Long form presentation by Michael Wesch. Second time watching it. Very moved.

Worth your time.






A documentary about the CIA’s cocaine scandal is coming out soon

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Read about the next generation flash and java trackers that have superseded cookies in your browser. Article by John Naughton

photo by Reginald Van de Velde

Gunung Bromo (ID)

Inside the Forbidden Exclusion Zone of Mount Bromo (Indonesia)

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This novelette creates a connection between Peter Watts ground breaking Hard-Science Fiction novel Blindsight and this newest Echopraxia.

Tor makes the story available for free on their site. 


Jack Welpott ph. - nature

10 March 2014

Large stretches of the British coastline have been hit hard by storm after storm this winter, with some areas suffering the equivalent of seven years of erosion in just two months.


On this week’s Out Loud podcast, we revisited a 2012 recording: Oliver Sacks on his experiences with hallucinogenic drugs.

It is looking worse and worse for Iraq, what a fucked up mess we them. The United Stated should be ashamed.

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