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Redaction: In one of his final acts in office, Gov. Bob McDonnell commuted to 40 years the sentence of Travion Blount, the Norfolk man convicted as a teen of armed robbery and originally sentenced to more than six life terms in prison.

If Blount serves the minimum sentence, he will be about 50 when he is released. His parents would be in their 70s.

But family and advocates reacted to the news with shock, sadness and anger.

"Forty years. Wow. I mean, why?" his mother, Angela Blount, said.

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""The discovery of thousands of stone artefacts preserved at this unique site provides a major new insight into how Stone Age tools developed during a period of profound human behavioural and biological change", said Dr Blockley. "The people who lived there 325,000 years ago were much more innovative than previously thought, using a combination of two different technologies to make tools that were extremely important for the mobile hunter-gatherers of the time."

325,000 years ago, we know so little about our ancestors.


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Robert Mapplethorpe and Patti Smith. Chelsea Hotel. 1971

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Saul Leiter

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Deborah Turbeville, Women in the Woods series, Vogue Italy, 1977

It’s time we evolved the meaning of a familiar term from the personal computer era to tackle the challenges of the Internet era….. 

Spyware 2.0 ♥ you!
Cute and colourful, the friendly façade of ‘free’ service providers like Google and Facebook belie a darker underbelly.

Also read  Ello, goodbye by Aral Balkan.  (26 Sept 2014)


@OwningMyTruth: Just over 30 Americans have been killed by Muslim terrorists since 9/11. More than 4,000 black ppl have been killed by police & vigillantes. In the same time frame (every 28 hours- the ones we know about anyway). Where is America’s swift unilateral action against white terrorism Of black lives right here at home? Oh wait….

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The new Milk button set is available for purchase on our store, with free domestic shipping and reduced international shipping.

Glyphs in this set:

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MAD Magazine Issue #1: A National Comic Book Day & Banned Books Week Two-for-One

First Issue of “Mad Magazine”, 10/1952

From the series: Committee Papers, 1816 - 2011. Records of the U.S. Senate, 1789 - 2011.

The National Archives has a copy of issue #1 of MAD magazine. This copy of the famous satirical comic book is a permanent federal record, and was submitted to a Senate subcommittee on juvenile delinquency as evidence of comics’ corrupting influence on young people. 

For three days, experts testified on whether or not comic books were “printed poison” for young people. The hearings created so much bad press for the comics industry that it created the Comics Code Authority to self-regulate the content of their comic books.

MAD's publisher, EC Comics, would eventually reformat the publication as a magazine in order to avoid the CCA restrictions. 

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What’s your favorite Banned Comic Book?

The thermometer showed a 103.5-degree fever, and her 10-year-old’s asthma was flaring up. Mary Bolender, who lives in Las Vegas, needed to get her daughter to an emergency room, but her 2005 Chrysler van would not start.

The cause was not a mechanical problem — it was her lender.

Ms. Bolender was three days behind on her monthly car payment. Her lender, C.A.G. Acceptance of Mesa, Ariz., remotely activated a device in her car’s dashboard that prevented her car from starting. Before she could get back on the road, she had to pay more than $389, money she did not have that morning in March.

“I felt absolutely helpless,” said Ms. Bolender, a single mother who stopped working to care for her daughter. It was not the only time this happened: Her car was shut down that March, once in April and again in June.

This new technology is bringing auto loans — and Wall Street’s version of Big Brother — into the lives of people with credit scores battered by the financial downturn.

Miss a Payment? Good Luck Moving That Car - (via new-aesthetic)

*Internet-of-Things property hack.  You imagined that you owned and controlled that vehicle, only to find that, in fact, you shared its operation with distant rentiers who have seized wireless control of it.

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Tom & Gertude on Flickr.

Me and my Grandmother —1953

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