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Frida winking, 1933

Lucienne Bloch


Jean-Paul Sartre and Simone de Beauvior

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Luciano - Police and Thieves [G-Corp Remix]

Remaking a classic,  Luciano - Police and Thieves


Paddle to Quinault

This is seventh year that the Chehalis Canoe Family participated in “One Heart, One Mind” on the Canoe Journey with “Tu-lap ti weah”, a twenty-seven foot ocean canoe. The Canoe Journey is a traditional and spiritual journey on the ancestral waters by the First Peoples of the Northwest Coast, and is a feat requiring mental, physical and spiritual readiness.


In the world of espionage, is it better to trust too much or too little?

Great history lesson by Malcolm Gladwell.

Israeli information source that believes in “Human Rights”. They try hard to be balanced.

Via  Guardian Online: Israel using flechette shells in Gaza

B’Tselem, an Israeli human rights organisation, describes a flechette shell as “an anti-personnel weapon that is generally fired from a tank. The shell explodes in the air and releases thousands of metal darts 37.5mm in length, which disperse in a conical arch 300 metres long and about 90 metres wide”.

Lusine + Nic Fanciulli 


Dearest friends,

The last night was extreme. The “ground invasion” of Gaza resulted in scores and carloads with maimed, torn apart, bleeding, shivering, dying - all sorts of injured Palestinians, all ages, all civilians, all innocent.

The heroes in the ambulances and in all of Gaza’s hospitals are working 12-24 hour shifts, grey from fatigue and inhuman workloads (without payment all in Shifa for the last 4 months), they care, triage, try to understand the incomprehensible chaos of bodies, sizes, limbs, walking, not walking, breathing, not breathing, bleeding, not bleeding humans. HUMANS!

Now, once more treated like animals by “the most moral army in the world” (sic!).

My respect for the wounded is endless, in their contained determination in the midst of pain, agony and shock; my admiration for the staff and volunteers is endless, my closeness to the Palestinian “sumud” gives me strength, although in glimpses I just want to scream, hold someone tight, cry, smell the skin and hair of the warm child, covered in blood, protect ourselves in an endless embrace - but we cannot afford that, nor can they.

Ashy grey faces - Oh NO! Not one more load of tens of maimed and bleeding, we still have lakes of blood on the floor in the ER, piles of dripping, blood-soaked bandages to clear out - oh - the cleaners, everywhere, swiftly shovelling the blood and discarded tissues, hair, clothes,cannulas - the leftovers from death - all taken away … to be prepared again, to be repeated all over. More then 100 cases came to Shifa in the last 24 hrs. Enough for a large well trained hospital with everything, but here - almost nothing: no electricity, water, disposables, drugs, OR-tables, instruments, monitors - all rusted and as if taken from museums of yesterday’s hospitals. But they do not complain, these heroes. They get on with it, like warriors, head on, enormously resolute.

And as I write these words to you, alone, on a bed, my tears flow, the warm but useless tears of pain and grief, of anger and fear. This is not happening!

An then, just now, the orchestra of the Israeli war-machine starts its gruesome symphony again, just now: salvos of artillery from the navy boats just down on the shores, the roaring F16, the sickening drones (Arabic ‘Zennanis’, the hummers), and the cluttering Apaches. So much made in and paid by the US.

Mr. Obama - do you have a heart?

I invite you - spend one night - just one night - with us in Shifa. Disguised as a cleaner, maybe.

I am convinced, 100%, it would change history.

Nobody with a heart AND power could ever walk away from a night in Shifa without being determined to end the slaughter of the Palestinian people.

But the heartless and merciless have done their calculations and planned another “dahyia” onslaught on Gaza.

The rivers of blood will keep running the coming night. I can hear they have tuned their instruments of death.

Please. Do what you can. This, THIS cannot continue.

Mads Gilbert MD PhD
Professor and Clinical Head
Clinic of Emergency Medicine
University Hospital of North Norway


Present day Manhattan versus what it would have looked like 400 years ago.

Check this pictures, then read Warren Ellis’s Gun Machine

Serious Mix from my Brooklyn nephew Dj LadiesPlease

Discussing the Denny Party and the Alki Settlement

 taken from : Where We Live Now: An Annotated Reader

 edited by Matthew Stadler


New York Alki, Seattle

I was taught in school that this translated to “New York By and By”, the Denny Party wishing the new settlement to emulate New York City.

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Live performance of “Concret 1” 
Written the morning of 7 - 17 - 2014 and performed that night at Trans Pecos in Queens as part of the Sick Feeling residency.


Whose face should be on the $100 bill?

Joan Didion.


Kim Gordon answers a pop quiz about america.

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